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Youth Education and Crime

CPS has failed our children and has been for nearly 20 years. Their failures are destroying our communities and our city by playing a primary role in the increase of youth crime. In 2014 CPS started using a new strategy for school quality rating. However, the strategy created a system that hid the fact that CPS continued to fail most of our children year after year.

As alderperson, I will personally ensure more community oversight for our schools. I will hold school administrators and their Local School Councils accountable to develop and meet progressive annual educational goals. I will work hard to ensure that our youth are properly educated and prepared for higher education. I will partner and collaborate with other community leaders, Universities, and social service agencies to equip our community with resources that promote positive youth development, including how to participate in democracy and become a law-abiding citizen.

Post your thoughts and ideas about improving schools and reducing youth crime on this blog.

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