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Public Safety

Chicago has 77 communities, 15 of these communities are responsible for nearly 80% of it's gun violence. And 6 of these communities are in Chicago's Far South Side; Auburn Gresham, Washington Heights, West Pullman, Roseland, Chatham, and South Chicago. These communities span across the 21st, 9th, and 8th Ward, and the 22nd, 5th, and 4th Police District in the 2nd Police Area.

We will not combat crime of this magnitude working in silos. Once elected, I will work to collaborate across the 21st and 8th Ward in efforts to improve the health and well-being of Chicago's Far South Side communities. The unacceptable high levels of community crime and fear amplifies the need for an unified crime strategy.

CPD's Community Alternative Policing Strategies (CAPS) was once an effective method and can be redesigned as a Ward Collaborative Alternative Policing Strategy (WCAPS). I will fight to revive CAPS, redesign it and formalize it into law with committed funding for a sufficient period of time allowing for partnerships and systems to grow and stabilze.

There are some issues related to crime, that I will address immediately. I will demand that the police enforce curfew. I'll work to help create a year around gun buyback program in our ward. I will conduct a Neighborhood Canvas to identify and address physical conditions that contribute to crime, such as abandon properties, dark streets, and allies. I will make our communities safer by closely working with CAPs and ward residents to identify and address specific community crime.

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