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Informing All Residents

Local participation is important in the events and processes that shape communities. We need a sustainable and effective community engagement strategy that meets people where they are, and that keeps all informed on all things that affect them.

Community digital billboards along with other technology and traditional strategies, has the potential to achieve such participation. There are millions of dollars of development planned for the 9th Ward and we must ensure that all residents benefits. We have rights to be involved in and have strategies that ensure we benefit from any development that comes in our community.

I will using digital billboards to improve communication across the ward, raise community awareness and empower the community with essential information. This will help increase community trust thru transparent governing and allowing residents’ voices to be heard. When there is trust, civic participation increases, we can find solutions to any complex community issue and learn about community opportunities.

How would you like to be notified about community planning, opportunities and events? Post your ideas on this blog.

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