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Welcome to the official campaign site of  Sonya Dorsey. This site is your source for upcoming events and information on the issues, history, and the background of my candidacy for 9th Ward Alderperson.


Learn how I will fight to RESTORE our ward's economic value, our families, and our power in the 9th Ward!!

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Principled.  Educated.  Progressive.

Black political power has been lost in Chicago, because thousands of black families have fled the southside of Chicago.  In the 80's, Chicago was nearly 40% black, with one of the country's largest and respected concentration of Black businesses and political power.  Chicago created Black Millionaires.  We didn't wait  for others to take care of us, we took care of us and our communities. Today is a different day.

For the last 20+ years, the 9th ward has lost thousands of families; who left because of high crime and low performing schools.  That left behind abandoned homes and apartment buildings, closed schools, boarded-up storefronts, vacant lots, and high crime.  Michigan Avenue has deteriorated to the point that in (2020) it was listed by Preservation Chicago as one of the city's "most endangered places."  

The 9th Ward needs strategies to restore and protect our communities. Strategies to address crime, develop strong school networks, and options for healthy food. We want a ward where ALL its communities are beautiful, feel safe, have clean and paved streets and alleys, not just some of its communities.   Our ward must have an effective communication plan.  A plan that ensures that all residents are informed, have opportunities to participate in and benefit from, all current and future economic developments the 9th ward.

Time To Blog for Change


JANUARY 1st. 2023

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      If we want better communities,  we have to actively get ourselves engaged in creating them.

 And if you want real democracy, then you must vote for it.

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